Relevant Publications

Supply Market Intelligence: Chapter 1
Robert B. Handfield

P2P SAP Best Practices: Perspectives from Suppliers and Subject Matter Experts
Robert Handfield

Best Practices in the Procure-to-Pay Cycle: Perspectives from Suppliers and Industry Experts
Robert B. Handfield
Practix: Good Practices in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

A “To Do” List to Improve Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities
Debra Elkins, Robert B. Handfield, Jennifer Blackhurst, and Christopher W. Craighead

Futre Trends In Pharmaceutical and Biotech Distribution
Robert Handfield and Vel Dhinagaravel

An Assessment of Manufacturing Customer Pain Points: Challenges for Researchers
Robert B. Handfield and Wolfgang Steininger
Supply Chain Forum

What You Need to Know About Sourcing From China
Robert B. Handfield and Kevin McCormack
Supply Chain Management Review

Towards supply chain collaboration: an operations audit of VMI initiatives in the electronics industry
Jennifer Blackhurst, Christopher W. Craighead, and Robert B. Handfield
Int. J. Integrated Supply Management

Islands of Change
Randy Kesterson and Susan Broome
T+D (Training & Development) magazine

The role of learning and technical capabilities in predicting adoption of B2B technologies
Debra L. Zahay and Robert B. Handfield
Industrial Marketing Management

Trust, power, dependence, and economics: can SCM research borrow paradigms?
Robert B. Handfield and Christian Bechtel
Int. J. Integrated Supply Management

The Development of a Supply Chain Management Process Maturity Model Using the Concepts of Business Process Orientation
Kevin McCormack and Archie Lockamy III
Supply Chain Management (Scheduled for 2004 publication)

An Assessment of Supplier - Customer Relationships
Lloyd M. Rinehart, James A. Eckert, Robert B. Handfield, Thomas J. Page, Jr., and Thomas Atkin
Journal of Business Logistics

A Model of Supplier Integration into New Product Development
Kenneth J. Petersen, Robert B. Handfield, and Gary L. Ragatz
Journal of Product Innoviation Management

The Role of Trust and Relationship Structure in Improving Supply Chain Responsiveness
Robert B. Handfield and Christian Bechtel
Industrial Marketing Management

Avoid the Pitfalls in Supplier Development
Robert B. Handfield, Daniel R. Krause, Thomas V. Scannell, and Robert M. Monczka
Sloan Management Review

Involving Suppliers in New Product Development
Robert B. Handfield, Gary L. Ragatz, Kenneth J. Petersen, and Robert M. Monczka
California Management Review

What really works: What are the best practices in supply chain management?
Kevin McCormack
IIE Solutions

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